Web Design

Web design is a personal thing. Something you need to be involved in from start to finish as to insure it's exactly what you want. Sites can run from low end ($75.00) to high end ($1000.00) depending on what your looking for.

You need to think about what you will need:

Number of pages you will need to get your message delivered.
Do I need active pages (pages attached to a database)
Graphics Design
Will I put video on the site
Can I get away with an Access database or do I need SQL Server
Do I need a back end to access data collected
Do I need email or can I get away without it
Can I monitor statistics such as how many visits, type of browsers, what search engines are accessing my site, etc.


A simple site with 4 or 5 pages and a minimum of graphical design can cost around $75.00. As the complexity goes up so does the price. You also have to consider in the cost of your domain which is an annual fee, plus the cost either monthly or annual of the hosting of your site. Who will maintain the site, if not you, who will do the work and how much will changes cost.

Let's talk. We can help you with all your needs. Contact us at sales@badgerdesigngroup.com.


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